Waya ISPO stoppes in epoch 355

WYACO Stake Pool turns into a regular 3% pool

Total WYA Token supply
1,000,000,000 (1 Billion)
ISPO Token Allocation
100,000,000 (100 Million) - 10% of total supply
Reward Exchange rate
For 1 Active Staked ADA you will receive 0.01 WYA Tokens per Epoch.
Pre-Signup Exchange rate
For 1 Active Staked ADA you will receive 0.0125 WYA Tokens per Epoch.
Pool Margin
Start Date
15th of March 2022
ISPO runs until epoch 355, after that pool continues as a regular 3% pool
Stake Pool Name


The Waya ISPO essentially works like any other. All important information can be found in the table above. Behind the scenes however, this ISPO works a little differently.

At Waya, we are reliant on Cardano to function well and keep our system, and real factories running. A robust network of stake pools is necessary for that.
Therefore, we wanted to use the opportunity of our ISPO and do what we do best, build physical stake pools.

Starting with the second stake pool, we will build physical Stake Pools run locally in Africa. Locally owned. After the ISPO is over, these Stake Pools will keep running and make Cardano as a whole more robust.

That means, your delegation helps build physical stake pools!

You can earn WYA tokens by delegating ADA to our ISPO.

You need to buy ADA on an Exchange such as Coinbase or Kraken. After you bought ADA you will need to move your ADA into a Cardano Wallet such as Yoroi or Eternl.

Depending on your Wallet, you can find the stake key under user settings.

Owning a WYA token grants you the right to vote on decisions of the Waya Collective. Beyond governance, the token allows you to claim more yield within the Waya Liquidity Protocol.  

The Waya Collective is a RealFi DAO enabling Africa’s untapped industrial potential by combining a network approach to manufacturing with the power of Crypto enabled finance (DeFi).

After we opened the first factory in Uganda.

Build Local Industry together