Financing Africa’s Industrial Revolution

The first Realfi Lending Platform for Industry.

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Africa is ready for its industrial revolution.
What’s missing is capital.

Traditional finance is not able to provide financing to industry in Africa. Leaving a 331 Billion $ market opportunity we can fill.

The first Community based Lending Platform for Industry.

Waya is community based which is why governance is at the core of the model. As a token holder, you can directly participate in voting which projects will receive a loan.

1. Upload Project

2. Algo Risk Score

We combine the self-reported data with 3rd party data fused into an advanced mathematical model to provide a reliable risk score!

3. Community Votes

Our community can vote on a project after seeing its score of risk and social impact (ESG).

4. Payout

Though Waya is a Crypto company, payout and payment collection is done in fiat via a local partner to make it easy for the borrower.

The secret to good decisions is our Risk Management

Waya uses advanced machine learning mixed with data analysis to derive a method to classify the risk of every potential loan based on a wide range of available data sets.

We use an exhaustive amount of data to uniquely classify each potential loan and are able to “diagnose” the health of the underlying company with medical level accuracy.


The WYA Token

Invest in Africa’s industrial revolution and become part of the Waya Collective.

The Waya Platform

The core of the model is the Lending Protocol, however, there are more gaps to fill in Africa’s industrial revolution.



Q3 2022

Q4 2022


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