Building Africa’s Industry, One Product at a Time.

We believe that people everywhere desire great products.

African consumers are currently served with generic and expensive products that don’t live up to the standard. At the same time, the manufacturing potential in Africa is massively underutilized.

Waya Collective provides the “front end” for African products, serving both consumers in Africa with our brands, and by making manufacturing in Africa accessible to businesses.

Made in Africa, for Africa.

Great Industry can be built anywhere. And we believe in Africa’s largely untapped manufacturing potential. Combined with the growing market, this leaves us with a big opportunity.

Our vision is to build the most compelling local Industry in Africa.

Our first Brand

WAYA Clothing has launched in Uganda in 2022. Since then, we have produced and sold 1000+ products. The flagship store opens in April 2023 in Kampala.

WAYA Clothing brings high-quality and affordable clothing to Ugandans and provides a 10x better shopping experience than current alternatives.

WAYA Clothing Products

How we produce

We have built a strong supplier network in East Africa that supplies our brands. We also use it to help Businesses produce textile products in East Africa. We take care of the full development and production process from the product idea to the finished product including material sourcing and production.

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