Building Africa’s Industry, One Product at a Time.

We believe that people everywhere desire great products.

African consumers are currently served with generic and expensive products that don’t live up to the standard. Waya brings consumers in Africa the products they desire by building exciting brands and making great products. 

Made in Africa, for Africa.

Great Industry can be built anywhere. And we believe in Africa’s largely untapped manufacturing potential. Combined with the growing market, this leaves us with a big opportunity.

Our vision is to build the most compelling local Industry in Africa.

Our first Brand

WAYA Clothing is first launching in Uganda, and our first step in making our vision a reality. With WAYA, we explore how to best serve customers, as well as build our production capacity.

WAYA Clothing

Confident, Proud, Ambitious. These are the people of WAYA. WAYA is a fashion brand that produced high quality and affordable clothing to make every African feel special and ready to take on the world. Customers will find clothing for every day including office wear, casual clothes and party outfits.
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WAYA Clothing Official Launch Party

How we produce

The most efficient factories and supply chains can be in Africa, and we aim to build just that. Currently, we source and produce primarily in Africa, and as local as possible, working with production partners. As a next step, we plan to create our own factories and scale those with a franchise model.


We find many challenges in current supply chains in Africa such as lack of capital, lack of transparency, and missing industry knowledge. We are exploring how we can use the Cardano blockchain to build decentralized manufacturing networks on the African continent. Blockchain can help to make supply chains secure and transparent, as well as enable financing and access to resources.


Stake with Waya!

We have a Cardano Stake Pool up and running. You can support Waya Collective by simply staking your ADA with us on our Stakepool WYACO. Learn more about staking and how to stake here.

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