Waya is proud to be part of the IOG Incubator Program

Input Output Global (IOG, formerly IOHK), together with iceaddis, has launched an African incubator program called Ariob. This IOG incubator’s objective is to help fuel innovation and address everyday challenges across Africa. Ariob provides access to resources and venture-building information that will assist highly potential Catalyst startups to break challenges as they encounter them while developing their products. Thus, supplementing the growth and development of the projects that are being funded by Project Catalyst.

“Cardano is a platform that’s creating solutions to real-life challenges in Africa and one of our most valuable relationships is with the Cardano ecosystem. Together, we want to demonstrate that the next big ideas are emerging from African countries, and we are ready to invest our resources to make that happen… As one of the leading pan-Africa incubators and accelerators, we are eager to drive the development of high-potential Catalyst startups through the Ariob incubator.” Markos Lemma said Chief Executive and Co-founder of iceaddis.

Captivating the eyes of the investors and startups, 1.3 billion people in Africa are experiencing the evolution and advancement in academic structure, financial services, national identity frameworks, and other industrial sectors. New technologies such as blockchain are being well-adopted and help in transforming both the society and industry in Africa.

One of IOG’s goals is to bring and create positive change across the continent. IOG partnered with the Ethiopian Ministry of Education last year to contribute to providing a way to use Atala PRISM technology in verifying the academic credentials of five million Ethiopian students. Also, IOG is partnering up with World Mobile in Zanzibar in making essential online services accessible using blockchain technology.

And this year, IOG’s incubator program Ariob will start providing services to the projects joining the program with the goal of helping to find the best product using creative testing ideas and prototypes. A selected number of projects will be chosen to participate in a support program by the first half of this year. We, in Waya, are honored and privileged to be chosen as one of the projects that will take part in the support program.

Together with IOG, through the Ariob Incubator Program, we will be able to bring positive change that will benefit both the producers and consumers across Africa.