White Paper Launch!

We are happy to publish Version 1 of the official White Paper. Find the link below. 

Waya Collective: A Decentralized Autonomous Production Network

We waited pretty long to publish the Paper because we kept learning new things and better ways. Waya is a product of lifelong learnings and different trials combined with the incredible power of the Cardano Blockchain. 

We soon publish additional information about the Liquidity Protocol and the functions and dynamics behiny the WYA Token. We will also publish a separate Governance paper. 

This learning and combination process has only started. This is why this is the first version that we now keep writing in public. 

We give special thanks to Lucia, who was one of our first Community Contributors working with us. She gave significant input to the Paper. Thank you, Lucia!   

We will publish the Paper as a Notion Document for community members to leave comments in the following hours. All comments will be read, analyzed, and achieved. We are a Collective because we work together! 

Did you know?

This White Paper is actually not the 1st but the 2nd version. The actual 1 version was published one year ago before we pivoted Waya with the learnings we had made during that time. If you’re interested in our journey, you can find it here: Waya Collective: Making Africa the Ideal place for producing fair and sustainable fashion.