Everything you need to know about the Waya ISPO

The Collective ISPO has arrived, and we invite you to join our Collective by becoming a Delegator!

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Why should you stake with WYA? 

We are building the first enterprise in Kampala, Uganda, right now. Our team has been on the ground for the last three years and iterated the Waya model. Waya is a team of core members and strategic contributors experienced across all aspects needed to make Waya a success.

Waya leapfrogs industrialization by creating a network of autonomous enterprises sharing the same resources: Money & Knowledge enabled by the Cardano Blockchain. Our goal is nothing less but to distribute the global industrial production system. Succeeding, we will change this world not virtually but physically. WYA tokens grant you the right to govern and benefit from the world that comes after the disruption. 

See the basic concept in blow: 

Let’s recap this moment: why are we doing an ISPO, and why do we choose the ISPO as our way of raising community funds? The entire flow of value from raw materials and capital into a finished product sold to a customer is captured by tokens as virtual doubles on Cardano. This means we will execute an ever-growing number of transactions on the chain. Potentially, transaction amounts that exceed all currently existing transaction volumes on any chain today. 

This is only possible by expanding the Cardano infrastructure: building more nodes, validators and deploying upcoming technologies like Hydra Heads and Collective Stake Pool. This is the optimal way to have cheap and fast enough transactions needed to track the flow of goods and capital between all Waya Collectives. 

Our goal is to build new stake pools based on physical hardware deployed in proximity to our Collectives, first in Africa and then across the world. This will strengthen the Cardano Network by adding more nodes run outside of the hotspots of the internet, such as AWS or Azure. If we successfully create this infrastructure, we enable Waya, and make the Cardano network more resilient. Therefore, we invite you to join the Waya Collective by delegating to our Pool: WYACO!