Partnership announcements

Partnership with IAMX

Founded by two successful serial entrepreneurs Tim Brückmann and Tim Heidfeld in 2021, IAMX is here to solve the unsolved cyberspace problem of identification and authentication.

It’s a great honour for us in Waya to be in partnership with IAMX whose principles revolve around protecting human rights and holder-centric ownership. IAMX uses the Cardano Blockchain to create a sophisticated identification system that allows people to buy, access, verify, vote, and even cross borders using biometrics. IAMX is a token-based SSI authentication and identity system that permits agreements through 1Click-Fulfilment.

We from Waya especially appreciate the path of data empowerment IAMX chose: People need to own their data through the IAMX system and remain in full control over who can read out what. IAMX’s identification system will enable solving the following emerging markets troubles:

  • People without identity (1.4 Billion)
  • No identity for people from low-income countries (1 in every 2 women)
  • Children without birth certificates (237 Million Children)

And even solve the problems of those already developed markets when it comes to the security and privacy of filling online forms. The ID system of IAMX allows us to utilise alternative ways of identifying customers and partners in environments in which it is notoriously difficult to identify a person. IAMX was able to create this innovative service by combining its own terminals with data provided by e.g. telecommunications providers. Teddy Trops is just one of the Cardano Projects that proves how well IAMX technology works where they attached an identity to a collectible.

“IAMX really connects you, a company or even a thing like your real estate.
They make attributes instantly verifiable. 
Everything is based on holder owned self-sovereign identity principles.
To me they solved chicken and egg:
They onboard telco customers via the telco.
The telco customers find the best offers in the world with 1Click-Fulfillment.
Telco generates additional revenue stream by monetarizing the transactions of their customers, saving costs by complete prevention of fraud and payment and execution in a smart contract.”
Marc Majewski, Advisor IAMX

One of the core mechanisms of Waya is to finance industrial assets such as factories. In order to deploy such financing, it is absolutely necessary to avoid any uncertainty about the legal status of our counterparty (e.g. the person who will open a new Collective or in business terms the franchisee of the factory). This is where IAMX will surely support our mission. Beyond the mere financing of industrial assets, the identification of workers is critical in order to supply them with salaries and additional services such as healthcare. With a help of a system that can easily provide and authenticate identifications, performing transactions and giving benefits to the employees will be smooth and trouble-free.